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Oscar Garcia-Panyella, PhD
Multimedia, Serious Games, Gamification, Apps

Senior Consultant, Product Manager and Producer

Find me in Linked In / Twitter: @kokopus_dark / Skype: oscar.garcia.panella

I got graduated as an Electronics Engineer in 1998 at La Salle School of Engineering, Ramon Llull University.

PhD in the "Intelligent Systems and Distributed parallel environments" program at the same university (2004).

I'm teaching VR to the future engineers besides directing the Multimedia Engineering Degree and the Multimedia Creation, Design & Engineering Master Program (here).

I'm also collaborating with the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA, USA) as a faculty advisor.

I'm specially interested in Serious Games, Gamification, Game Design, Usability, Collaborative Virtual Environments, Virtual Reality applied to virtual life, Natural Interaction and Simulators.

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