Marc Antonijoan Tresens

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Mail: marc at salle dot url dot edu
Twitter: @marcFPS
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Short CV

Currently I am an assistant professor at La Salle BCN where I teach Computer Graphics and Videogame courses. At the same University I participate in research and software development projects in the areas of visualization, computer-human interaction and videogames.

Previously, I worked at Geovirtual, a software development company contributing to the development of a new 3D cartography visualization software, at Jesu´tes de Catalunya as a web developer, and at TVC Multimedia as interactive TV developer.

I obtained a MSc in Research in ICT and its Management at La Salle BCN (2012), previousy, I obtained a MSc in Computer Engineering at the University of California, Irvine (2003), and Multimedia Engineering (2002) and Computer Software Technical Engineering (2009) at La Salle BCN.