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MSX Links.

The MSX Emulation Page (M.E.P.)(The Netherlands) This page is somewhat new. It contains ALL MSX emulators as well as TONS of MSX games and utilities (for use with emulators and/or with the real machines). It's a MUST-SEE for europeans, because it's fast for them.

ftp.funet.fi (/pub/msx/ directory)(Finland) This FTP server is one of the oldest MSX resources on the net. It contains a lot of MSX software and information, mainly intended for REAL msx's. It's FAST for europeans.

Sean Young MSX Pages(The Netherlands) This is a VERY nice page mantained by Sean Young, the author of Virtual MSX (another MSX-1 emulator). It's got A LOT of tech info about MSX and Z80. It's VERY fast for europeans.

Emulation Links.

These links will be very useful to everyone wanting to know the latest news about the emulation scene.

Dave's Classics(USA) What could I say about this page... It's like the emulation bible (for me at least). It has all information about ALL kind of videogame systems that may have existed, like Arcade machines, Computers, Consoles, etc... It's BIG, and the "What's New" section is one of the most frequently updated of the world. A MUST See for everyone. (Anyway, for Europeans it's a VERY SLOW page).

People that I know.

The next links are homepages of people I know. I'm putting them here because someone will enter into them sooner or later, and their owners will be very happy seeing how the possible counters their pages could contain, start to grow! :)

Ism This page is mainly a bookmark, but somewhat retouched and modified. Now it resembles minimally a decent web page... It contains some links about anime, some emulation links, some links to game companies sites, etc...

ISS'98 Home Page MSX-Page ESNES

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