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HVISS: Version 0.4.7 (27 - Jun - 1997)

Have you ever come across a HTML under DOS? Are you so lazy that you start viewing this HTML as plain ASCII and understanding it the hard way? Well, as I once was in this situation, I started coding this little utility in a weekend I was bored. Its purpose is easy: Viewing HTML files in text mode under DOS... Silly? Yes... but I'm sure there's always someone who may find it useful...

HVISS.ZIP 45,062 bytes

RIPGUS: Version 0.0.1 (15 - Jun - 1997)

If you've got a Gravis Ultrasound and after ripping the demo you like most, you don't get anything, there's one last oportunity to get the samples of the MOD of the demo. RIPGUS will explore the memory of the GUS and will extract a mega-sample, which could be useful for you, and if you are a good musician, you could even re-write the tune...

RIPGUS.ZIP 36,031 bytes

MIRADOR: Version 0.0.2 (17 - Jun - 1997)

If you are a fan of MSX (or any other ROM-based system, i.e NES, SNES, etc...) and you want to "see" the graphics of the ROM's, this utility could be useful for you... I spend A LOT of time viewing the graphics of Penguin Adventure, Nemesis 2... (The typical ones :) It's cool... Anyway, don't expect any miracle, because this utility is based on the MSX tiles codification, and I think that with other system ROM's the results may not be so impressive... but you never know...

MIRADOR.ZIP 45,063 bytes

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